I always wanted more. I got exactly the opposite of what I bargained for.I had found myself, wrong place, wrong time:Gunshots and blades stole all the friends of mine.And now I’m trapped, my music still unplayed;Life from death, my whole body remade.Love triumphs over hate;Too bad I had learned the hard way.


cocaine condoms and caffeine pills arent enoughsociety baited you to death by masturbationso its time to fuck like theres no tomorrowbecause there isntand play all the girls and guyslike the planets going to diebecause it willNothing will compare to the ripping orgasmof our rocks fuckfest finale the planets not realneither is god or sinthe only … Read moreMushyhead


PurposeI was produced for listening pleasure.Laser oscillations, my fingerprint,Sonic vibrations, my destiny,Often, as the background sounds to life,My shape, though efficient, was not important.But my soul, Etched in polymer.The intangible process of creation inscribed,Makes sound, a fluttering breath, physical.I was the DREAMFEEDER. TrashThe psalm before the storm.Recycle me? Don’t be silly.Only a fool would take … Read moreDreamFeeder


At the dawn of time,When you, people, first stepped on the earth,You were one with nature.You spoke to the earth with delicate words.Later, you crafted machines,Deftly balanced, and you praised them like gods.But what happened to the river, whose immortal flowIs now polluted to waste? I was once the apex of tech: a geometric ideal.Perfection.But … Read moreSatellite


Life is complicated. Me, I take it easy.Oceans are rising, species are dying,people keep fighting, oil is frying.What do I do? Nothing. I’m Bill.You see, I take my time.Especially in the resto, pouring ketchup on fries.The fries, I say, they tell me no lies.People ask, Dude, are you crazy?I say, “Not crazy. I’m Bill.”